Kingdom of Validras

The Kingdom of Validras claims all of the land between the Calinor Marshes and Redvale. The kingdom is very imperialistic and most of the people have a powerful national identity. But some of the people from conquered cities have a more jaded viewpoint.

The capitol is the city of Lysidia where King Heron rules.

The kingdom has often been at war with their long time rival the Northern Free Coalition. Though, since it’s inception nearly 500 years ago, Validras has always been imperialistic, the emphasis on annexing additional land has waxed and waned with the various kings. King Heron and his father have been especially warlike, attempting to claim land both east and west of their current borders.

Expansion to the west has been hampered by the marshes and the considerable defenses of Coppermine Ridge. A large garrison is kept at Fort Hamden which is used to defend the western front.

Kingdom of Validras

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