Fort Hamden

Fort Hamden is the most western city of the Kingdom of Validras. Originally it was a small town named Hamden which benefited from trading caravans which crossed the marshes. The townsfolk resisted becoming a part of Validras, but couldn’t stand up to the might of the King’s armies. Descendants from the town are still bitter that many of their grandparents were slain during the annexing.

After taking over the town, the Validran armies built a large fort along the road toward the marshes. Today there is a large detachment of soldiers living at the fort. Rumor has it that the soldiers sometimes take advantage of and bully the townsfolk, but the commander of the fort strictly disciplines such actions.

Although often despised, the soldiers in the fort do a good job of keeping dangers from the marshes at bay. This increased safety allowed the town to grow over time into a small city.

Fort Hamden still sees quite a bit of trade between Validras and the western nations, and overland shipments to or from Aelhaim typically pass through as well.

Fort Hamden

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