Fallerun is a town in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Validras. Largely out of the way, it had collected a large population of those wanting to avoid the officials of the kingdom until the Kingdom finally “officially” expanded its borders to include it. Now it is largely run by Mayor Jacob Renferell, a political appointee who is a nephew of a high noble from Lysidia. Renferell is incompetent, driving the town into economic ruin with his policies and taxes. However, because he is an official of the Kingdom he has the backing of a small garrison of troops substantial enough to intimidate the population.

The town is relatively small, populated mostly by farmers and miners who work in the nearby mountains.

Town Features

  • Old Fort – There is an old military fort North of the city across the river.
  • The Blue Drake – An inn & tavern run by Alyson Thornton and her daughter Elizabeth.
  • Blacksmiths Malek and Drinn – Two weaponsmiths renoun individually, who moved to Fallerun some 6 years ago to work together.
  • The Bleeding Barrel – A seedy tavern often patronized by shady characters.
  • A branch of Kessler and Sons.
  • Black Horse Inn – A good inn, but lacks the reputation of the Blue Drake. It also lacks a tavern.


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