Eridor is a small territory, just northeast of Aelhaim by about 20 miles. It is a land of rolling green hills, sizable fields with good crop, and a small but lush forest to the south filled with elk, deer, and other good hunting. In the center of the land is a sizable hill, which is crowned by Eridor Castle.

The castle is small, but modestly funished and defended. It has never suffered an attack. Notable features include: A sizable enclosed garden, an expanisive wine cellar, a small dungeon, a treasury, a wellhouse which routes water to the estate, a pristine chapel, and several towers, one of which serves as the Runeward, or nervous system for the castle’s magical defenses. A standard gatehouse serves as it’s only entrance.

The village itself, built just down the hill has a population of only about 400 at any time, made of primarily of farmers (300) but also include some visitors and tradesman (40). The rest serve in Castle Eridor as soldiers (30) and house servants (20).

The most interesting feature of Eridor would likely be the Tower Tavern, located at the center of the village. This large inn has been built out of the remains of a long-forgotten tower. The tower is unusual in that it’s wider than it is tall. The Tower boasts a bathhouse (magically heated by a wizard named Daril), 16 rooms, a sizable cock-fighting ring, and the ZinZan. (A pair of half-elven twin brothers (one Zin, one Zan) who are both bards and acrobatic magicians who have been a permanant fixture for the past 8 years.) The Tower has excellent reputation, and has become a primary reason tradesman stop heading to and from Aelhaim, as Eridor is only a few miles off the main road. Because of this, the Tower is ever under-construction, adding new rooms and amenities. Houses, barns, and animal pens are built around it like spokes in a wheel.

Eridor is the land of the Baron, Knight Dominus, Tyrus Eridor. Serving the Knights Justicar, he has been away fighting against the Northern Free Coalition for many years. As such, in his stead the lands are overseen by his step-mother Liza, Jazelle the nurse, an elven mage and advisor named Tyro, and Tyrus’ younger brother Iaden. Although Iaden is the youngest, he is in charge due to his status as the eldest male heir.

There is tell that the land has recently changed hands and is currently under the charge of a Baron Goldhammer, though this is likely rumor and speculation, as the Eridor family has held the land for a generation.


Eridor Castle and the surrounding area was inspired by Arundel Castle


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