The Outcasts are a gang found in Fallerun. They tend to be found in the run-down slums on the Southwest side of town. Many of the gang members are fugitives from other cities who came to Fallerun due to the lax scrutiny from officials of Validras.

Although they have a bad reputation, the Outcasts are considered a minor menace of Fallerun. For the most part, they leave the townspeople alone. Merchants, adventurers, and other travelers are often targeted for their money. Sometimes the gang members fight amongst themselves in power struggles. The townsfolk of Fallerun consider the presence of the gang as an inevitable consequence of the incompetence of Mayor Renferell. The mayor seems unable or unwilling to take care of the problem.

Although considered a minor menace, the Outcasts are known to be very dangerous and violent. Those who cross the gang are often found dead. Some of the fugitives are said to be trained killers.

The Outcasts are rumored to have ties to the Darkrunners. Some people believe they sell information to the Darkrunners and/or to the mayor.


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