Moons of Azim

The world of Azim has three moons.


The bright moon, Azur, is the largest in the night sky. It is blue-white in color and gives decent light to travel by. It can sometimes be seen during the day. This moon is the most seasonal:
SpringRises late at night and sets sometime after dawn.
SummerThe moon is hardly seen at night. It sets around dusk and rises again close to dawn.
FallRises before dusk and sets early at night.
WinterThe moon is up for most of the night.

Azur has very irregular phases. It is rarely seen in crescent or new moon stages; it is usually in a gibbous or full state. A full moon occurs between 2 and 5 times a month, but rarely lasts more than one night. Azur usually only triggers lycanthropy during the winter season when it is up all night.


The red moon, Tolus, is smaller and gives off a dull red light. This light is often enough to travel by, even for races without low-light vision, but one cannot see very far. The red moon tends to stay up in the sky for most of the night. It has the most regular phases with a full moon occurring about once a month and lasting for 3 days.


The South moon, Il, is the smallest seen in the sky. It is yellow in color and always appears in the Southern sky. It gives little light to those in Northern Calinor, but is brighter to those in Southern Calinor and Thenacia.

It should be noted that Il is the only moon which does not trigger lycanthropy. Some have speculated that it is too distant and dim. However in Southhaven it is rumored that once a year the yellow moon triggers a variant of lycanthropy that is vulnerable to gold instead of silver. This has never been proven.

FYI: Tolus is basically like Earth’s moon in it’s phases.

Moons of Azim

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