Malek and Drinn

Malek and Drinn are a pair of famous blacksmiths who moved to Fallerun to work together. Weapons made by either Malek or Drinn individually are highly prized, but those created by the pair are better still.

This Elven smith spent years learning and perfecting the craft of weapon making. He has always felt it critical to create an entire blade from start to finish—creating the hilt and leatherwork, not just the blade itself. He is a famous blacksmith and leatherworker, well known for his excellent, highly decorated blades.

Malek has also taught many students the crafts involved in weapon making.

Drinn Stoutshield
This Dwarven smith comes from a long line of blacksmiths. He is very skilled in the shaping of metals, and became famous for his skill in refining and forging metal.

Meta-Game Info

Malek and Drinn only bother to make weapons of high quality. They wouldn’t bother making anything that wasn’t at least a +1 magic weapon, and their skill is such that they can create up to a +5 weapon. They do not do enchantments (i.e. magical effects). They normally only do bladed weapons. Occasionally Drinn will make a shield, but they don’t do armor.

Malek and Drinn

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