Knights Justicar

The Knights Justicar is a group dedicated to the cause of good throughout all of Azim. Their influence is felt across the world and there are chapters in many kingdoms and cities. The leaders of the order, known as the High Echelon, reside in Kel.

Most of the members of this organization are paladins, clerics, or monks. There are also others, including many acolytes which assist in the upkeep of the chapters.


  • The Chapter of Lysidium – This chapter is centered in Lysidia and is dedicated to championing good throughout the Kingdom of Validras. They are very loyal to the kingdom and serve in the King’s armies, despite their feelings about the king himself. They feel that their influence can temper the royal demeanor. They have no problem with the imperialistic nature of the kingdom, believing that the expansion of the kingdom brings order to the land.


Chapter of Lysidium

Lord Tyrus was a member before he fell.

Knights Justicar

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