Jason Ordman

Jason is the son of a high ranking noble from Evercrest, who was one of the star students at the Order of Scions University during Asmodeus’ time there. In fact, he and Asmodeus had a bit of a rivalry going on, as Jason was also very talented at magic.

During his last year of study at the University, the personal wizard advisor to the king was taken with sickness. Jason’s father pulled many strings and, without even properly graduating, Jason was hurtled into the position of assistant to that advisor of the king, since he was the “perfect storm” of a young, handsome, well-connected, and talented at magic use nobleman.

The talented, charismatic, and hard working man quickly earned the respect of those at court, and when the failing health of the king’s personal wizard finally won out, and the old man passed away peacefully in his sleep five years ago, the King appointed him court wizard.

Jason, at the age of 35, is one of the King’s personal advisors and liaison to the Order of Scions.

Jason Ordman

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