Gilk is a wandering bard. Originally from Delve, he resented the rigor of military discipline that the citizens of the city displayed. The colorless, drab city with its military bearings and stories of bygone glories never felt like home to the boy who love to sing and draw.

When he came of age at seventeen, he entered the military, as all male citizens were supposed to. It was the last straw and he abandoned his post, running away one stormy night. He managed to get work on a boat bound for Evercrest, where he worked on the docks, finding odd jobs until he discovered his talent with music. He earned enough money to buy a fiddle, and hit the road. He’s been wandering from tavern to tavern and from brothel to brothel ever since, always in pursuit of the more base pleasures life has to offer. His style and dress are always overly flamboyant bordering on gaudy, and his clothes usually clash.

He has a heart of gold, and was the one who encouraged the young child Asmodeus in his studies. He always had a soft spot for the young farmer, who he sees a lot of himself in. Though Asmodeus went to study to become a wizard, Gilk very much resonated with the young man’s desire to choose his own destiny. However, it has been some times since the wizard and the bard have met. Years of drinking have taken their toll on the now white-haired bard, and his health is failing. But he still wanders, entertaining, reveling, and merry-making, planning to continue to do so until he drops dead.

Gilk, as he appeared about 15 years ago, the last time he and Asmodeus met: Gilk (20 years ago).


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