Dagen Tharis


Though many pirates sail the White Sea, none is more infamous than Dagen Tharis, Demon Eyes, and Founder of the Pirate Isles. Legend has it that in the days before the fall of Evendur, Dagen’s fiancee was won over (some say kidnapped) by an Elven ship captain by the name of Captain Sarrun Veo. Over time, the two became lovers.

In revenge, Tharis made a demonic pact which granted him unholy power and caused his eyes to burn like fire. He defied the Elvish fleet of Evendur, hunted down and attacked Veo’s ship, the Wing of Elocress. His attack was successful. After capturing the magical Elven dreadnought he murdered her crew, had the vessel painted black, imbued with red magical runes, and rechristened, The Lash. His fiancee never forgave him. She commissioned her own ship which she named the Vindicator in order to hunt down and destroy Captain Tharis. It is rumored among seamen that the two ships hunt each other to this day.

Tharis was known to have a strong hatred of Elves (likely due to Veo). Many attacks on Elven vessels have been attributed to the pirate captain. Interestingly, the number of these claims have not decreased over the years.

Stories about Tharis are highly disputed. Although many sailors believe in the tales, most people believe it to be more fiction than fact. If still alive, Captain Tharis would be well over a hundred years old — quite old for a Human to still be sailing around. Believers claim that the demonic pact has lengthened his life.

Due to Tharis’ infamous reputation, many pirates have taken to painting their ships black and claim to be the nefarious pirate to cause terror in their victims.

Dagen Tharis

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