A Validran coastal city, south of Lysidia. Similar to Evercrest, it is known for its pearls, and succulent seafood. Cypuran sailors are well known for their fearlessness braving the southern storms. Though likely false, there is a general attitude that Cypuran seamen are superior in skill to Crestan seamen.

Evercrest and Cypur cause continual problems for the Kingdom of Validras with their continual trade wars with Cypur and Aelhaim. Because of the proximity of the Evercrest, the competition between the two has always been especially fierce. To this day, Crestan and Cypuran seamen hold a great animosity for each other.

Cypur is also well known for their religious diversity. Various churches and temples dot the coastal city, most dedicated to Erinnia, goddess of the sea and patron of sailors and fishermen. Purportedly, her sea nymphs come to the aid of men in distress, and many claim to have encountered them.

Crestans disregard this notion as superstitious.


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