Coppermine Ridge

Coppermine Ridge is a small city up in the mountains along the road around/through the Calinor Marshes. It is an important trade city between the Kingdom of Validras and the Western cities.

The city was founded as a copper mine (hence the name). Baron Goldhammer owns and directs this operation.


Because of its tactical value in both location and defensibility, various parties interested in keeping the Kingdom of Validras out of the West have often used Coppermine Ridge to stymie the Validras. With the support of the city leadership, they have put their own troops or mercenaries to keep the occasional Validras army at bay.

A few times over the years, Validras armies have come across the marshes to annex Coppermine Ridge. But after the difficulty of crossing the marshes, traversing the steep mountain roads, and the high defenses of the city, the Validras have never had a victorious attack. Eventually they stopped trying.

Coppermine Ridge

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