Campaign Discussion

Everyone please edit this page to add your thoughts to the discussion (append your text to the bottom with your name). Currently we need to determine:

1) What type of character everyone wants to play. This includes what class you want to play, but more importantly how your character will act, his goals, etc.

2) We need to determine a common bond between the characters? What keeps these evil-aligned characters together? And where are they now? Together in prison? Plotting their next scheme?

What kind of goals will the party have? Are they about world domination? Are they interested in just increasing their own power? Thieves? Assassins? Arnarchists? Think about what kind of story we should play out.

3) What level should we start your characters at? I’d prefer somewhere in levels 1-3, because I think the role-playing aspect is heightened as you “grow” into your character.

4) Do you have any overall goals or plot elements you want to see in this campaign?

DM: Okay, here’s the update after our phone conversation. Whipblade will be playing a fighter/ex-soldier who will eventually turn Blackguard. This soldier was more or less betrayed by his kingdom, so he turns evil against it. He joins up with Eryx’s character who is an evil-wizard type who is trying to overthrow the kingdom.

We discussed that probably the kingdom in question is the Kingdom of Validras. The common bond between the characters still needs to be fleshed out in backstory.

Go ahead and create a character anywhere from levels 1-6. Use “4. The Floating Reroll” from the DMG pg. 169 to generate your ability scores.

You may start off with 10,000 gp plus 2d6×1000 gp more per character. Feel free to immediately spend any of this to equip your character, using prices from the PHB or DMG. During character creation you may purchase any item from these two books for your character. But after we start the actual campaign you’ll have to ask what equipment is available.

Eryx: Concerning the demon lord, I’m impartial to whether it’s some awesome hugely powerful demon or just some lower demon causing havoc. I’ve currently included my two characters, the wizard leader type and the fighter/future blackguard type. I’m open to suggestions on the characters at this moment, as they’re both tentative. In particular, I’m not sure if the background for Gaimon works. I would like him to be an elf for diversity’s sake, but dunno if the bits about being in the elven army will work in this world.

And finally, I know you mentioned once that you might want to include a DM-controlled member of the party. We’re in need (surprise!) of a healer. I think you floated the idea of an evil druid. I really like that idea. Could be interesting.

Also, I discovered that the D&D rulebook writing crowd is also familiar with their Jewish demons. Asmodeus is actually listed in the Book of Vile Darkness as the name of the Lord of the 9th level of hell. Basically, he’s the boss of all the devils. Can I still keep the name? (Grrrrrr…..stupid D&D rulebook writers, stealing my names!)

DM: Yes, the background for Gaimon works for me. I see the Elven people as closely associated though not having a centralized government. But especially around Kel they would have need of an army, if for no other reason than to occasionally keep Validras in check.

The only concern I have for Gaimon is how he’ll be kept in check. Hopefully it won’t be a problem as there should be various combat situations. But you guys won’t be fighting all the time, so maybe he goes off occasionally to slaughter something.

Regarding DM-controlled characters, I have already created Elandra. But then Chris’ Killashandra character is also a rogue. So I’m thinking Elandra might be more of an associate rather than a constant party member. Also, I’m guessing Shandra will be more of a fighting-type rogue where Elandra is more of a subtile thief type. I see Elandra as someone who uses her beauty and charms to get close to people, then rob them blind. She also is a master of disguise.

I may create another DM character though. I’ll have to see. But right now we have a wizard, fighter, rogue, and blackguard (ex-paladin). That fills out the party pretty well, IMO.

Regarding healing, actually the Blackguard is a healing class (strange as it may seem). Tyrus’ ex-paladin history will also give him some additional helps. So I think we may already be okay on the healing side of things. You’ll probably want to get some healing wands though. Also, because of how we’ll be playing online via a very story-based method, the battle mechanics will be a little different.

And don’t worry about the name of your character. You can keep it—I don’t plan on the party going to the 9th level of hell anytime soon. But if you do, your character and the devil can comment on how they have the same name. =)

One other thing: where do we want to start the actual campaign playing? Currently I’m thinking this that we’ll start in Fallerun where the party has gathered together. One of their first orders of business could be to disrupt Jacob Renferell’s governance somehow. (I have an idea for this as well.) But I’m open to suggestion.

Eryx If we’re going to start with Renferell, I would like to start not having yet arrived. Since my character is from the city, roleplaying his return after an absence of several years could very much affect how the campaign plays out there.

However, I think another good place to start would be to go one a quest to reforge Glacius as an evil blade for Tyrus. That could be very fun, and would probably be the first thing my character would actually want to do. Get the group all geared up, squared away, and working together before tackling the overthrow of the kingdom.

DM: I don’t think that you’d be able to reforge Glacius after it shattered. Besides, it was a good-aligned weapon, so it wouldn’t make good material for an evil character. The quest for a new weapon could be interesting though. Depending on what is desired, Fallerun could be just as good a place as any to start on that quest. It wouldn’t be a good idea for your characters to go to one of the larger cities in Validras right now, so the other option would be to leave the Kingdom and head for Coppermine Ridge or one of the other places in the West.

Whipblade, what’s your take on this idea?

Whipblade: Tyrus is definitely in the market for a new weapon. He specializes in bastard swords, and is also on the lookout for something with fire resist so that he can stay longer in the plane of fire. As it is now, Shok’Ragal’s tower is the only hospitable place he can go. (And that’s REALLY warm, despite being magically shielded) Shandra can go elsewhere because she has a little fire resist. Tyrus figures he could always ask Shok’Ragal for something, but seeing as how he’s given him so much, he doesn’t want to seem as though he is dependent, or without his own resources.

As it is now, I think he carries around the shattered remains in a bag that is inside some kind of pottery container. The shards are constantly agitated due to their proximity to a source of evil. They would clatter constantly if they weren’t inside the bag. Tyrus is looking to sell them… or something.

DM: Interesting. I guess I thought Tyrus would just leave the shards on the ground rather than take the time to gather them up. But maybe he’s more nostalgic than I had thought.

As for Shok’Ragal’s tower, I love the idea, but I don’t want it to be a place where you can just escape to without some (minor) repercussions. I was thinking that even within the shielded tower, you would take damage over time—not very quick, maybe 1 hp every 10 min or something. So you could still escape there to heal (via wands, etc), but you couldn’t rest overnight. ‘Shandra’s natural fire resistance would allow her to stay indefinitely in the tower (and rest even).

Also, is there a limit to the use of the ring? Like 1/day or something?

I just remembered something else that I’m in need of—for each of your characters, please include a brief description of how the character talks and acts. His/her basic demeanor. That way I’ll have an idea to go off of whenever I need to advance the story by speaking/acting for your character.

Eryx: Asmodeus is usually soft-spoken, not prone to raise his voice. He has a queer way of looking at you that can unnerve a large number of the population (hence my putting points in his intimidate skill). He is consummately in control, always seeking the angles and nuances of the situation he might best turn to his advantage. Most people are a puzzle to him to be figured out.

Gaimon has gotten better, but back in his mercenary days he was prone to outbursts and violence. Asmodeus’s influence has tempered that much, but when violence is about to ensue Gaimon gets giddy and is more prone to hurry up and start the combat. This tendency is, on occasion, frustrating to Asmodeus.

Whipblade: Tyrus is a decent strategist, but is not usually the subtle type. He takes pleasure knowing that his enemies know he is coming for them. Initially, he can be quite taciturn before warming up to new people. He is starting to look at things in a different light as well. Things that were once black and white to him are no longer. He has quickly grown to love Shandra, despite their short time together, and finds her witty and fun, despite her powerful independence. He knows that Shok’Ragal will have a price though, which he finds excites him more than it scares him.

Shandra has been kept in a cell, prodded and studied for longer than she cares to remember. She revels in her freedom and enjoys every moment. When it comes to getting what she wants, she is a masterful manipulator. She can lie, bluff, and charm her way out of nearly any situation. Because of her time imprisoned within a very small space, she is now slightly claustrophobic. She has a strong admiration for Asmodeus since he freed her, but HATES all other mages from the Order of Scions, and will go out of her way to harrass or kill them. In battle, she will usually seek a quick escape if on her own. If teamed up with Tyrus, she will use her whip, using continual trip attacks, while Tyrus rains blows down on them once prone. If exposed as a tiefling, she will feign harmlessness, and flirt.

Campaign Discussion

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