Bank of Isuna

(See also Banking.)

The Bank of Isuna is a banking guild that spans all of Azim, though it is not ubiquitous. There are only a few branches, but they span political boundaries. Thus this bank is often used by officials of various nations when handling matters of trade or negotiation. It is also used by adventurers and merchants who tend to travel between nations.


The Bank of Isuna has branches in the following cities:
DM Note:
There will also be branches in a few other cities, but we haven’t named those cities yet. At least one will be around the lake near the Monastery of the Order of the Eagle and one will be on the continent of Thenacia.

How do these banking guilds work? Do they use magical means to check your balance and to communicate with the other branches?

Yes, many of them do but it depends on the guild and branch. Some branches (especially remote ones) might only use magic weekly due to the expense, and others might not have that available at all (and use messengers instead). See the Banking page for more info.

You usually have to ask at a specific bank or branch what is available. Even if they use magical means, sometimes there are limits to it. For example, some banks store up all their transactions and then use magic just once per day or once per week. So you might make a request at a bank for a transfer of items or funds and they’d tell you to return the next day to retrieve it.

Bank of Isuna

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