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  • Geoff Greenfly

    Geoff, currently a convict in a [[Lysidia|Lysidian]] prison, is a halfling thief of mediocre skill and close personal friend to [[:dustin-ashe | Dustin Ashe]].

  • Mr Midnight

    Mr Midnight is the leader and organizer of the illegal fight club and thieves' guild [[Midnight Murders|The Midnight Murders]]. Officially, he is wanted by the city authorities, but he's paid up with the right people and enjoys relative freedom from …

  • Elandra

    Elandra lived her early childhood years in the An'delli Forrest where she especially excelled in dance. When she was 38 years old, a group of "Validras":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/corruption-of-azim/wikis/kingdom-of-validras raiders attacked …

  • Killashandra

    # Servant and one time consort of Shok'ragal, a powerful demon from the plane of fire. # Wife of Tyrus, and Lady of Eridor, though she does not currently have legal claim on the land.

  • Noctua

    Orrenette was born in [[Jenocia]], the daughter of Ruby, a human merchant, and Orren, a traveling elf merchant specializing in exotic fabrics. Ruby and Orren were business partners, she running a fabric store, and he supplying raw materials. Their …

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