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  • Banking

    Banking in the world of [[Azim]] is handled through banking guilds. Although each guild is different, they all share the following features: * They store and protect your money. * They give you ways to access your money between towns. * They can store …

  • Kessler and Sons

    (See also [[Banking]].) Kessler and Sons is the largest and most used banking guild within the [[Kingdom of Validras]]. The guild boasts of having branches in all cities of Validras, plus in [[Redvale]], [[Glasslake City]], and [[Coppermine Ridge]].

  • The King's Bank

    (See also [[Banking]].) The King's Bank is a banking guild in the [[Kingdom of Validras]]. The guild caters exclusively to the rich. They only have branches in [[Lysidia]], [[Aelhaim]], and [[Evercrest]] (much to the chagrin of those in [[Cypur]]) but …

  • Bank of Isuna

    (See also [[Banking]].) The Bank of Isuna is a banking guild that spans all of [[Azim]], though it is not ubiquitous. There are only a few branches, but they span political boundaries. Thus this bank is often used by officials of various nations when …

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