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  • Quests

    *Group Quests* # Overthrow [[Jacob Renferell]], mayor of [[Fallerun]]. # Overthrow the [[Kingdom of Validras]]. *Possible Group Actions (to keep ideas afloat)* # Assassinate [[Baron Goldhammer]]. # Get the [[Skalmarch]] to ally with us. # Get the …

  • Validran Money

    Validran money is stamped only in Lysidia, and has the following values: # Platinum coins are called Crowns and are printed with a kingly crown on one side and the imperial crest on the other. # Gold coins are called Nobles and have the image of a …

  • Backstory Timeline

    This page describes the timeline of important events (for the party) leading up to the campaign start. This is to help us keep the backstory events straight. 0 * The party arrives in [[Fallerun]]; start of [[Chapter 1]]. -3 days * …

  • Moons of Azim

    The world of [[Azim]] has three moons.
    h3. Azur The bright moon, Azur, is the largest in the night sky. It is blue-white in color and gives decent light to travel by. It can sometimes be seen during the day. This moon is the most seasonal: < …

  • Travel Times

    This page gives information about travel time between significant places (cities). h4. Horseback Traveling by horseback is the most common mode of travel for adventurers. If you are pulling a cart or wagon then the time is doubled.

  • Banking

    Banking in the world of [[Azim]] is handled through banking guilds. Although each guild is different, they all share the following features: * They store and protect your money. * They give you ways to access your money between towns. * They can store …

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