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  • Bejic Gemset

    Bejic Gemset is a paladin of the [[Knights Justicar]]. He is the leader of the Knights in [[Fallerun]]. He has long hair and beard, both of a light brown color. He wields a large mace.

  • Edward Lionheart

    The Lionheart family has long been a [[Validran Nobles | noble]] house of [[Kingdom of Validras | Validras]]. Edward Lionheart is the current head of the family following the recent passing of his father. Like his brother [[:65506 | Cecil]] and many of …

  • Cecil Lionheart

    From a young age, Cecil followed in the tradition of the Lionheart family and joined the Knights Justicar in Validras. The Lionheart family was instrumental in establishing the Chapter of Lysidium. Many of the family members have been paladins or clerics …

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