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  • Baron Goldhammer

    The dwarf Baron Dunis Goldhammer is one of the prominent leaders in [[Coppermine Ridge]]. His family has led the mining operations of the mountain city since its founding. He is short-tempered, but has solid business sense. The Baron married a human, …

  • Malek and Drinn

    Malek and Drinn are a pair of famous blacksmiths who moved to [[Fallerun]] to work together. Weapons made by either Malek or Drinn individually are highly prized, but those created by the pair are better still. *Malek*
    This Elven smith spent years …

  • Bejic Gemset

    Bejic Gemset is a paladin of the [[Knights Justicar]]. He is the leader of the Knights in [[Fallerun]]. He has long hair and beard, both of a light brown color. He wields a large mace.

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