Prideful, Immature, Half-elf Rogue/Shadowdancer


Age: 27

Ability Scores (Modifiers)
Strength 10 (+0)
Dexterity 17 (+3)
Constitution 12 (+1)
Intelligence 13 (+1)
Wisdom 8 (-1)
Charisma 15 (+2)

  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Hit Points: 54
  • AC: 17
  • Base Attack: +5
  • Fortitude: +2
  • Reflex: +7
  • Will: +2
  1. Stealthy
  2. Two-Weapon Fighting
  3. Acrobatic

Abilities Level 7 Rogue Abilities: Sneak Attack +4d6, Trap Sense +2, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion Level 1 Shadowdancer Abilities: Hide in Plain Sight

Skills See Online Character Sheet

  • Shadow Armor and Silent Moves Studded Leather Armor (+3 AC, +5 Move Silently, +5 Hide)
  • 2 Merciful Enchanted Daggers (+1 daggers, +1d6 non-lethal damage)
  • Bracers of Armor (+1 AC)
  • Hat of Disguise

See also the Online Character Sheet

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Orrenette was born in Jenocia, the daughter of Ruby, a human merchant, and Orren, a traveling elf merchant specializing in exotic fabrics. Ruby and Orren were business partners, she running a fabric store, and he supplying raw materials. Their partnership grew into a “friends with benefits” style relationship. Ruby discovered herself pregnant sometime after he had left the city. Hoping she would give birth to a handsome young half-elf, Ruby decided that she would name her child after his father. When Orrenette was born, adding “ette” to the end of the name was Ruby’s way of trying to have her cake and eat it too. The name now is a constant reminder to Orrenette that she isn’t exactly what her mother wanted, and she considers the name quite hideous.

Orrenette grew up in the lower middle class. Her mother enjoyed fabrics and pretty clothes and things, but didn’t have much of a head for business. They were looked down upon by other storeowners and shopkeepers. When she got old enough, Orrenette began to notice this and thus began her desire to have the finer things in life. She wanted to skip middle class to look down upon those who looked down upon her. Thus, she began thievery.

It was small stuff at first. Things not really worth a second glance. She wanted to look more rich than she was. Began pick-pocketing to get the money to buy the real things. Eventually she moved up to actually robbing passers-by.

However, it became clear to Orrenette that she enjoyed stealing. What was most fun was being able to completely get away with something, just ghosting through a market and departing with other’s money or items with them none the wiser, or managing to grab things from a store without the owner noticing she was even there. Sneaking and outsmarting were what she enjoyed, even more than having the finer things in life. She continued this lifestyle until she was in her late teens, gradually working her way into the more noble and rich parts of town, hanging out there until she actually began to believe that she belonged there, and even that she was better than the silly nobles she was able to rob without their even knowing about it.

However, one day she was caught in the rich areas of town, wearing her finery and trying to blend in to better rob them. A daughter of one of the other merchants, someone who was in her same age group and who knew of Orrenette, spied her out. When Orrenette returned to her area of Jenocia, the other teenagers mocked her mercilessly, and the other merchants looked down on her even more. “What, you? The daughter of Ruby? Think you’re better than us? Foolish child!” The taunts, jeers and chiding she had to endure daily in her part of town grated on Orrenette, and although no serious harm was meant, she felt she could never live it down. Embarrassed that her humiliation was known throughout the community, to those she had meant to impress, she fled the city, using her charms (she is quite pretty) to get on with a merchant caravan.

It didn’t take her long to realize that quick wits weren’t always enough on the road, and that it’s easier to give a modified history to strangers. She has amorphous plans to return to Jenocia at some point and prove everybody wrong about her, but not yet. She’s too full of herself to even consider the possibility that her “embarrassing disaster” has been all but forgotten by those in the merchant’s quarter of Jenocia.

For several years she flitted from city to city, robbing, taking solo jobs, and continuing her rogue ways. Getting in, unseen, and escaping none the wiser, is her specialty and her trademark. When she attracted the attention of the city guards, or a local thieves’ guild, it was time to hop to another city and begin the cycle anew.

One job nearly led to disaster and her getting killed by several shadowy figures sent after the exact same statue she had been commissioned to steal. Through chance, she was able to determine who the other intruders were, and their leader, the criminal mastermind Penumbra, was convinced of Orrenette’s value. She joined Penumbra’s Pandemonius Shadow Circus. It was there she met, and briefly trained under, Gaimon. See: Orrenette Meets Gaimon

For the last several years, she has been a part of Penumbra’s criminal organization. Her keen abilities to sneak in and out without detection have served the arch-criminal well, and she has recently been inducted into his Shadowdancer troupe, led by himself and the Slevain Sisters. As her cover story, she is a tightrope walker, trapezist, and acrobat, similar to the girl in this video. The show name she came up with, and now goes by, is Noctua the Night-Dancer, leaving behind the hated “Orrenette.”


Noctua’s hair is straight and jet-black. She is fine boned, and has high cheekbones making her fair face look quite fragile and pretty. She’s glad that she’s not really outstandingly beautiful, because it’s easier to avoid being seen and remembered. But she cleans up well and can dazzle with the right clothes, jewelry, and behavior.

Noctua is very prideful. Always thinking herself cleverer than others, she resents being told what to do. Being part of an overall plan as part of a cog in a complicated scheme? That’s no problem. Being told “get that item and do it exactly in this manner?” There she has a problem.

She always tries to dress nice to impress those around her, but really, she could care less about the average person. The employees of the Shadow Circus are really who she wants to look nice for. Her close associates are the ones she dresses up for. That being said, she doesn’t quite know how to really have close friends. She has aquaintances, but her pride has prevented her from really getting close to anybody.

She’s neat and orderly when she needs to be—like during a job. However, her tent is usually a total mess, despite the fine rug she has bought as a means to impress others who might visit her.

She and Gaimon have a mutual respect for each other, but it’s not like they’re fast friends that can talk for hours on end. She will believe the Elf when he tells her that Asmodeus is okay, and actually quite smart, but she doubts the wizard is as clever as she is, and she’s been learning from Penumbra, the master criminal par excellence. She’ll roll her eyes at Asmodeus a lot as he tries to be oh so clever, all behind his back, of course. With Dustin, she’ll be flattered as he tries to hit on her (we’re assuming he will at least try), but then it will quickly grow annoying. Nevertheless, she will feel a common bond with the sorcerer—an uncommon person that life has not been kind to. His ability to move between the noble parts of town and the seedy parts of town will impress her. She won’t know what to do with Nock. He’s short, talks funny, and is actually crazy.

She speaks basic common, but is able to speak as a noble when called upon, although she can’t keep it up as long as Dustin could. Though she enjoys sneaking about and stealing, considering her being undetected another sign that she is better than those she is stealing from, Penumbra has used her at times to make contacts, infiltrate parties as a guest, and the like.

Light on her feet and decently graceful, in combat, she fights with her two daggers, but doesn’t enjoy killing. What’s the fun of killing someone? That means they’re not around to see the results of your actions! Hence, she has her daggers enchanted with the “Merciful” enchant. But this doesn’t mean she won’t kill if the situation demands it.


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