Cecil Lionheart

Paladin of Valor


Cecil is a Paladin of the Knights Justicar Chapter of Lysidium. He is a tall, broad shouldered man. His eyes are green and he has long brown hair with a short beard.

Cecil’s armor is colored white and gold and it bears the family crest. He wields the family sword Lionis, which is said to have a lion’s roar.


From a young age, Cecil followed in the tradition of the Lionheart family and joined the Knights Justicar in Validras. The Lionheart family was instrumental in establishing the Chapter of Lysidium. Many of the family members have been paladins or clerics in the order.

Cecil was a friend and long time mentor of Lord Tyrus. Cecil trained the younger paladin when he graduated from being an acolyte. The two have fought side-by-side for the Kingdom in many battles, especially against the Coalition in Redvale.

Cecil Lionheart

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