Sadistic Violence-Addicted Fighter


Age: 127

Ability Scores (Modifiers) Strength 16 (+3) Dexterity 16 (+3) Constitution 13 (+1) Intelligence 12 (+1) Wisdom 12 (+1) Charisma 10 (0)

  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Hit Points: 54
  • AC: 22
  • Base Attack: +7/+2
  • Fortitude: +6
  • Reflex: +2
  • Will: +2
  1. Power Attack
  2. Cleave
  3. Great Cleave
  4. Improved Bull Rush
  5. Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
  6. Weapon Specialization (Greatsword)
  7. Dodge

Skills See Online Character Sheet.

  • +2 Magic Spiked Full Plate Armor (+10 AC total: +8 for full plate, +2 magic)
    • Enchanted with both Shadow Armor and Silent Moves, giving him a +5 to Hide and Move Silently Checks respectively.
  • Masterwork Greatsword (+1)
  • Bracers of Armor (+1 AC)
Inque (Guard Dog)
  • Also on the Online Character Sheet (google doc).
  • Hit Points: 13
  • AC: 16
  • Base Attack: +1
  • Attack: Bite +3 melee (1d6+3)
  • Fortitude: +5
  • Reflex: +5
  • Will: +1

Strength 15 (+2) Dexterity 15 (+2) Constitution 15 (+2) Intelligence 2 (-4) Wisdom 12 (+1) Charisma 6 (-2)

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Gaimon was raised in a small town between Veraan and Eastbank, a town filled with many races and people. He was the only son of an artisan elf weaver. When he was twenty years old a group of marauders began attacking villages and towns in the area. His father joined a local militia in hunting and tracking the marauders, along with many of the townsmen. Before he left, Gaimon’s father told Gaimon to take care of his mother. While the militia men were away, the marauders attacked their town.

Gaimon and his mother ran, but were seen by some of the invaders. Both panicked, but it was Gaimon who abandoned his mother. Outdistancing her, he managed to hide just as she was caught. He watched as the marauders killed her.

The militia caught up with the marauders while they were ransacking the village and all of the invaders were killed. Gaimon came out of hiding where he had watched his mother’s body lie in the street for several hours, frozen with fear, unable to move, feeling powerless as the village had burned around him.

With the marauders dead, there was no chance for redemption for his cowardice. No chance for him to enact vengeance on the ones who killed his mother. No, he stared at their bodies with a hollow feeling in his heart that he would not be able to fill.

His father died of grief shortly after, and Gaimon lived in his parent’s house, alone. He had been learning the basics of weaving, but it held no joy for him the way it did for his father. During his time there he also joined the militia on occasion, enjoying his time away from the town that held so many reminders of his failure. Still, it was several years until his genuine first kill-or-be-killed experience with an orc raider. Confronting the orc, he felt alive for the first time in many years. For his elven heart, this was like a water on parched soil. He discovered that the emotional void left by his mother’s death and the pent-up desires for vengeance with nowhere to go had finally found an outlet.


Eventually word of his situation reached his distant elven relatives and they came for him. Living among elven society was far too slow-paced and long-term thinking for Gaimon, who had grown up among disparate peoples in his small town.

Among the elves he was taught the rudiments of tracking, combat, and magic. He simply didn’t care about the tracking, and had average skill at it. He showed a slightly higher aptitude for magic, average for an elf, but much preferred the physicality of fighting and the rush of exercising his body. His skill also earned him recognition by his relatives and his trainers. When he was old enough and trained enough, he joined the elven military. He was about 80 at this time.

Eventually his skill and delight at fighting made him ideal for a small elite squad of five soldiers. However, his squadmates did not appreciate his particular style of fighting—undisciplined, reckless, and frequently ignoring the needs of the group. Their commanding officer, a grizzled veteran named Jentrus Galakiir, looked favorably on him, and he stayed until his squadmates refused to join him in battle. They had two reasons for doing so. First, his recklessness was dangerous in the heat of combat. Second, one of the squadmates had a brother who had just come of age. This brother was a tracker, and with him in the squad they would be reassigned as scouts—something preferable to being on the front lines.

Jentrus had to agree with them, and assigned Gaimon to another squad. That squad eventually had the same problems with his recklessness, so he was transferred again. Eventually, there were no squads that would take him as word of his recklessness spread. Although a good fighter, Gaimon was not a good soldier. Gaimon was forced to resign his commission in the elven military. He was around 100 years old. Gaimon resents Jentrus, but hates the original four former squadmates and the new tracker for their scouting squad.

Still needing his bloodlust sated, Gaimon began doing mercenary work. Eventually he found work as a gladiator and bodyguard for Penumbra’s Pandemonious Shadow Circus, but has since moved on. He has worked security on merchant caravans or even trade ships traveling through pirate-infested waters, finding odd jobs here and there.

His martial skills earned him a reputation of being an efficient and well-qualified fighter, but the jobs he was hired for simply also didn’t always satiate his need for violence and the emotional release it brought.

In one of his jobs, the University of Aelhaim hired him and a female ranger to track down and either capture or kill the escaped Tiefling Killashandra. He discovered her with a wizard, Asmodeus. Excited at the prospect of a fight, he drew his sword and confronted them, hoping that Killashandra would attack. However, Asmodeus convinced him that he would lose a fight against them, even with the ranger. Instead, why not kill the ranger? Surely that would satiate his need for violence, a need that was becoming more and more obvious as their encounter developed. Nearly shaking with his need, Gaimon turned on his companion and killed her. Asmodeus convinced him to return with the badly burned head of the ranger as “proof” that Killashandra was dead. Gaimon did so, and afterwards joined Asmodeus with the promise that the wizard would find an outlet for Gaimon’s need for violence, one not determined by contracts or at the whim and mercy of chance. Now he serves as Asmodeus’ bodyguard.

The only time he feels alive is when he’s fighting, and especially when he’s killing. His personal quest originally was to never feel powerless again. However, of late that quest has been sidetracked by his sadism. He enjoys the thrill of physical contests and loves the rush at feeling the life vanish from his opponents. If he doesn’t get violence in his life, he’ll eventually go start a bar fight or two. Or three. Violence and fighting are the only way he can feel any emotions, and as such he has become an addict of sorts.

When violence is about to ensue Gaimon gets giddy and is more prone to hurry up and start the combat. This tendency is, on occasion, frustrating to Asmodeus. When they are not in combat, Gaimon has tempered much in the years with Asmodeus. Gaimon has learned to completely trust the wizard’s cold, calculating ways, and he knows that Asmodeus does his best to make sure Gaimon gets his violence fix.

With this tempering, Gaimon has begun to reconsider his path. He enjoys working with the wizard in a way he hadn’t with other groups, and has discovered that there are other ways to power than pure physical prowess. He’s just not sure, yet, how he wants to go about pursuing yet more skill and abilities to prevent his feeling powerless again. The blackguard path appeals to him, but seems too magic-based for his sensibilities. He follows the wizard’s lead in conversation and planning, content to be the tool the wizard points, for now, but is an equal partner when in battle.

Once combat begins, Gaimon’s frenzy builds and builds. The longer the combat lasts, the more out of control the elf becomes. He favors the greatsword precisely because it is the sword (the weapon most Elves favor) that does the most damage. He gets a perverse pleasure out of seeing his enemies die. It is the ultimate vindication to leave a battle ground-proof that you met someone head to head and were the more powerful of the two. After combat is over, his breathing slows and endorphins spread throughout his body. He feels a great “runner’s high” after combat.


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