Fallen Paladin


Tyrus – Level 7 (Paladin 6/Blackguard 1)

Str* 12 (+1) Con 11 (+0) Dex 10 (+0) Int 14 (+2) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 16 (+3)

  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Hit Points: 44 (d10)
  • Armor Class: 19 (With full plate and cloak – can get +5 from feats)
  • Base Attack: +7/+2 (+1 STR = +8/+3)
  • Fortitude: +10
  • Reflex: +5
  • Will: +7

Skills Hide 5 (+5), Knowledge: Religion 2 (+4), Knowledge: Nobility 4 (+6), Handle Animal 3 (+6), Ride 4 (+4), Sense Motive 10 (+12), Intimidate 10 (+13), Spot 2 (+3), Survival 1 (+3), Craft: Alchemy 8 (+10/+12 w/ Lab), Use Magic Device 1 (+3)

Class Abilities Aura of Evil, Detect Good, Poison Use, Sneak Attack (+1d6), Dark Blessing (+3), Smite good 2x day, Lay on Hands 1/day (heals Cha bonus x level = 21 pts to work with, divided however.)

Feats Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Sunder, Combat Expertise

Spells Cure Light Wounds 1/day (1d8+5), Summon Monster I

  • Bastard Sword – 1d10 damage. Crits on 19-20,
  • Glacius – Shattered remnants (Good aligned. Agitated near evil.)
  • Full Plate Armor – +8 AC bonus
  • Heavy Warhorse – Ignus. Black warhorse stolen from King Heron’s stables during his escape from Lysidia. Includes military saddle.
  • Alchemists Lab – A wedding gift from Shok’Ragar. Includes the following poisons: Black Adder Venom (10), Small Centipede Poison (2), Drow Poison (2), Large Scorpion Venom (2), Giant Wasp Poison (2), Shadow Essence (2), and Lich Dust (2). (pg 297 DMG) Additionally, the following potions: Mage Armor (2)
  • Darkvision Cloak – While worn, provides an AC of +1 and subject can see using Darkvision spell ability as long as the hood is drawn.
  • Sundry adventuring gear: clay pot, ale, cheese, bread, manacles, rope,
  • Gold: (10,500) Mostly kept in a small, polished wooden dowry chest that Shandra and he share. He always keeps at least 10 Validran Crowns (Platinum Coins) 10 Nobles (Gold Coins) 10 Imperials (Silver coins) a few Scepters (Copper Coins) and a few one tiny sapphire worth 200 gold.

SIGNIFICANT CHANGES: Swapped STR & CHA stats. This increased Lay on Hands, Dark Blessing, Handle Animal, and Intimidate. Now counting STR bonus for Base Attack, and Wis for Willpower Save. Additionally, discovered I hadn’t used about… oh, half of my skill points on character creation.(June 2010)


Theme Song: Breaking the Law (Doro)

  1. Tyrus returns home from battle, talks to betrothed. She says she is promised to another.
  2. Tyrus talks to king. Is angered by betrayal of promise, and approaches king in anger (threateningly) He wouldn’t really do anything, but they don’t treat it that way. The king’s guard draw their weapons, and he is expelled from the citadel with reprimand.
  3. Tyrus kidnaps his betrothed, (Though she’s not against the idea.) Because this is breaking the law, but not his code of morality, he could lose his power here… he doesn’t care. (loses power) is chased by king’s guard. Betrothed is killed in ensuing battle.
  4. Tyrus is captured, Glacius taken from him, and dragged back to citadel in chains. Now that betrothed is dead, the king is ticked because his alliance with a neighboring baron has been put into jeopardy. Tyrus must be slain to appease him. He is sentenced to death.
  5. Tyrus, his mouth full of the bitter taste of empty promises, mounts an escape. He recaptures Glacius and has a moment of regret when his epic steed, Fione spurns him.
  6. Tyrus, depressed, cuts his hair as disguise, proceeds to drink himself into oblivion.
  7. Approached by wizard who says he has friends who would like to help him.
  8. Wizards friend turns out to be a tiefling chick. Upon discovery, he is angered, much due to his lack of ability to identify an evil-aligned individual.
  9. Tiefling introduces herself as Killashandra. She claims her master wants to restore what he has lost. He says that his betrothed can’t be replaced. She agrees, but indicates that she has been offered as a gift. He is stunned. (Above stats indicate status at this point.)
  10. Paladin speaks with her demon master at wizard’s beckoning. (Need not be some Balor type demon… but it can be!) He frowns at Glacius, and negotiates an alliance with Paladin. Even if he refuses, he gets to keep her. “When you give a gift, you don’t take it back. She is yours, regardless of what you choose, but I hope that we can be friends.”
  11. Tyrus mulls it over with philosophical discussions with ‘Shandra. She is lawful evil. She has tenets she lives by, and is honest. She has an attitude of ‘What IS evil?’ We’re not running around killing people… we just have different point of view. She has good points, and is very enticing. Tyrus accepts. He meets with her master once more. Upon handshake and transfer of power, Glacius shatters.
  12. Wizard performs wedding ceremony for them. Several demons, including his new master comes, bearing gifts: Armor. (Others?) They have a party and outline their new plan.
  13. Tyrus and his new wife now fight as a team. Shandra is a rogue.

Killashandra - Tiefling Rogue


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