Corruption of Azim


In the town of Fairfield, a dark alliance was formed. The wizard Asmodeus found the opportunity to corrupt the fallen paladin, Lord Tyrus, by introducing him to the Tiefling Killashandra and her demon master Shok’ragal. Not long afterward, Tyrus accepted the demon’s offer of power and became a blackguard. Then Asmodeus performed a wedding ceremony for Tyrus and Killashandra.

Fearing that the demonic influence would attract too much attention from the Knights Justicar, the group departed from Fairfield. Asmodeus knew that his new blackguard ally, the rogue ‘Shandra, and the wizard’s bodyguard Gaimon would all me more than willing to help him achieve his goals of overthrowing the Kingdom of Validras. He found it ironic that the forces of chaos and anarchy were a much better means of bestowing order on the land than a kingdom.

Thus the wizard led the party along the road to his home city of Fallerun. What better place to begin his work than disrupting the power of the inept mayor Jacob Renferell? Besides, the city was somewhat secluded from the rest of the Kingdom, and he knew plenty of opportunities would await them there.

We will start Chapter 1 of the campaign once all of your character stats/equipment/items/money are finalized. The chapter will begin as the party approaches Fallerun. Please be sure to note whether the party has horses, wagons, etc. or how they are traveling.



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