Corruption of Azim

Example Log

This log entry is an example of what play in this campaign might look like.

The dimly lit tavern was busy with customers. Shadows waxed and wained as the flickering fire of the hearth burned away at the log within. A few lanterns hung around the room balanced out the lighting.

The party sat at a corner table, wary of some off-duty guards at the bar. Maximus nursed his ale while waiting for the contact from the assassin’s guild to arrive. Shane was leaning back on his chair, fingers toying with a dagger hidden beneath his cloak.

Okay, the party is sitting in the tavern waiting for the guy from the Assassin’s guild. Please everyone make spot checks, plus any other checks you may want (gather information, listen, etc.)

Spot check: 12 (rolled 7 + 4 skill)
Listen check: 18 (rolled 15 + 3 skill)

I want to also look about the room to see what kind of people are around.

Spot check: 9 (rolled 2 + 7 skill)

Looking around the room, Shane took note of the customers occupying the tavern. Most of them were townsfolk. Many appeared to be from the lumber mill—sawdust still clinging to their clothes. It must have been payday because their drinks were flowing freely. As he listened, Shane heard the guards at the bar laughing over a story that had something to do with their captain getting drunk.

Lost in thought, Maximus hardly noticed the crowd around him as he waited. Starting from his reverie some twenty minutes later, he realized the guards had already left. Shane had watched them get up and leave. The rogue thought briefly about liberating some coin from the lumber mill workers, but decided he’d best wait for the contact.

Without warning, a previously unnoticed man sat down at the table. He had sharp facial features and hair almost as dark as the black cloak he was wearing. Maximus nearly let out a cry of surprise.

“Buy me a drink?” the stranger asked quietly.

After waiting for some time, you are startled by the appearance of the man in a black cloak. You aren’t certain, but this may be the contact you’ve been waiting for.

After catching himself startled, Maximus cooly says, “Of course.” and get the man a drink. I also want to make a sense motive check to see if I can determine if he’s the contact. Sense motive: 22 (rolled 19 + 3 skill) yeah!

“Of course,” Maximus cooly replied, his body relaxing as he let his steely demeanor regain control. He then stood and without any backward glances, went over to the bar to purchase another drink. Shane kept close eye on the man who seemed almost unnaturally calm. Shortly Maximus returned with a fresh drink which he set before the man.

While the cloaked figure sipped from the mug, Maximus evaluated him. He appeared out of nowhere and asked for a drink of all things! Look at him sit here so calmly! You’d think we were old buddies! This must be the contact.

Maximus quickly sizes up the man. Based on his sudden appearence and demeanor, you are certain this is the contact. I marked off 5 sp from your inventory to pay for the drink.

So this must be the guy. Let’s give him the money and tell him the mayor is the target. And if he does anything weird then we’ll take him out and get our money back!

I agree. Maximus will just put the small bag of money out on the table and say, “Mayor Fanning is an excellent man, don’t you think? I’m sure this donation will help keep him in office until the day he dies.”

Coming to a similar conclusion, Shane gave a knowing glance to Maximus. The warrior pulled out a small sack and set it on the table. A muffled jingle of coins was heard.

Markus then said, “Mayor Fanning is an excellent man, don’t you think? I’m sure this donation will help keep him in office until the day he dies.”

Nice! I like it. Maximus, make a bluff check.

Bluff check: 22 (rolled 14 + 8 skill)

The man looked at the bag and then up at Markus. “Yes, I’d say so. I’m sure a noble man such as the mayor would want to continue serving the people for the rest of his life.” He then stood up slowly. “Thank you for the drink. It’s been a pleasure,” he said as he picked up the bag of coins. Casually the man tucked the bag under his his cloak and then walked out the tavern door.

You don’t notice anything that seems out of place about the man, so you just let him go.



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